In order to use the start gate for adult athletes and children at the same time it is very important to be able to adjust the height of the handlebars quickly. By a single release turn on the handlebar knob the handlebar can be changed in height. For more accurate adjusting indication steps are placed, which makes the handlebar click at the right place. For usage where the handlebars are not needed (For instance Ski Slalom), the handlebars can easily be taken of.


The start gates can be used for all disciplines of skiing and snowboarding. - Snowboard Cross - Snowboard Parrallel Slalom - Snowboard Giant Slalom - Ski Cross - Ski Parrallel Slalom By simply changing the settings in the app, the start discipline can be changed. In the app the amount of gates can also be chosen, one for slalom, two for parallel slalom and four or six gates for cross. By changing the discipline the sound will change form spoken sound to beeps. Besides that the start timing will change, with multiple options available.


The start gates are designed for quick installation on the slopes. Within 15 minutes the start gates is placed in the snow. Depending on the snow conditions it will be fixed immediately or after waiting a bit (to freeze the gate). This enables the user to use it wherever needed and there is no need to leave the gates on the slopes during the night. The installation manual can be found here (Installation Manual).


The start gates can be used for training, ski school entertainment and competition. Especially for training and when used for a ski school slalom, the autonomous setting can be very practical. If the gate is set on "Autonomous" starting in the app, the start can be initiated form the gate itself. The start will be initiated for one or multiple gates with a short time delay, so the person initiating the start can prepare. No extra person is needed for the start sequence.


The start gates can be used for training, ski school entertainment and competition. For training or competition it is useful when the trainer or starter does not have to be close to the gate to start. Setting the gate (or multiple gates) to "remote control" in the app will allow the starter to start at a distance. This enables the starter to make videos while training, or stand at a unobtrusive location during competition.


The main purpose of the start gate is mobility. A single person should be able to carry, install and use a single start gate. The gate is designed in such a way that it will fit in a single wheeled standard snowboard bag (L: 160 cm, W: 30 cm, H: 16 cm). This allows the user to take it in the lift, on the slopes, in the car and even in the plane as the weight is below 23 kg.

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